Class Picnic- Tuesday, June 17, 2014!

We will enjoy pizza and watermelon at Cove Island Park,

pavilion area. Please bring your own juice & water.


Reading & Writing: We have been studying the time of The American Revolution! Students are writing reports, and learning about the beginning of our American History! Remember to monitor your son/daughter's reading at home. Ask questions about books, magazines, and articles found online. They should be reading a mix of Nonfiction and Fiction. It is expected that they read 20 - 30 minutes each evening.

Skills: Vocabulary continues to be a significant area of study. The Word Wall Words (high frequency words) introduced in Kinder., First & Second Grade are expected to be mastered. Students have practiced using resources in the classroom and at home, if they still need support in spelling these words. When you check written homework, expect editing for capitalization, organization, puncuation, and spelling.

Science: We are finishing the year with the study of animals. Students have enjoyed having millipedes, crabs and frogs in the classroom.

Math: Students have been working on the concept on Multiplication and Division, and are expected to master the facts by the end of the year. We continue to monitor our progress with our weekly Fast Math quizes. We began with addition, then subtraction. Many students have progressed to multiplication and division. If your child did not reach their goal (have not mastered addition and subtraction facts fluently), please practice with them this summer.

Funky Dawgz Show (K.T. Murphy) - Jan. 8

Living Voices Presentation (K.T. Murphy) - Jan. 23

The American Museum of Natural History (NYC)v- April 24