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Reading & Writing: Our first unit will be Foundations. This unit allows us to set procedures and rules for the entire school year. Students will practice reading and writing strategies they will use all through school. It is VERY important that they know how to choose "just right books" for independent reading. Remember to monitor your son/daughter's reading at home. Discuss books, magazines, and articles found online. We will send home a list of general questions to prompt your discussions. Students should be reading a mix of Nonfiction and Fiction. It is expected that they read 20 - 30 minutes each evening. A reading log will be completed as well. Our units of study are Nonfiction, Author Study: Allen Say, Test Taking, Informational, Fictional Narrative (including folktales), and Research Reading & Writing.

Skills: Vocabulary will be a significant area of study. The Word Wall Words (high frequency words) introduced in Kinder., First & Second Grade are expected to be mastered. Students will practice using resources in the classroom and at home, if they need support in spelling these words. When you check written homework, expect editing for capitalization, organization, punctuation, and spelling.

Science: Our units of study will be Rocks and Minerals, Measurement, "Soggy Paper", Chemical Tests & Animals Studies. Students will perform tests, work through experiments, record scientific notes, and problem solve to explore these areas.

Math: Students will begin with Place Value concepts, and move into all the areas of Math in the months ahead. Students will also broaden their understanding of Multiplication and Division. They are expected to master the facts by the end of the year. We will monitor progress with weekly Fast Math quizzes. They will began with addition and subtraction, then move to multiplication and division.

Social Studies: Students will learn about Native Americans, United States, and Early American History. We will focus on the documents that have been  written, and the importance of these papers today. (Example: The Constitution)

Welcome to Third Grade!

Parents & Students: Your homework assignment is to find out what C.A.R.E.S means. Third Graders will be expected to exhibit C.A.R.E.S. as they become more independent this year.